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As a global home for jewelry and watches, we offer an excellent brand portfolio. This includes our brands Amor, NOELANI, Sara & Kate as well as the licensed brands JOOP!, s.Oliver and Princess Lillifee.

Brands that appeal to different customers, are in different price categories and have different partners in stationary and online retail.

Brands that fulfill jewelry and watch dreams. Brands that will certainly be a success for you, our partner.

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Brand with global success

AMOR is the centerpiece and flagship of the Amor Group

AMOR is high-quality real jewelry that is aimed at a broad and diverse audience.

Essentially, AMOR jewelry appeals to women between the ages of 20 and 55 and enjoys a high level of target group acceptance.

The extensive range consists of 9 and 14 carat gold, 925 silver and stainless steel and offers the right jewelry for every taste and style, from classic to trendy.

With a wide variety of goods and an attractive brand world, AMOR jewelry also ensures international sales success. Guaranteed for you too.

Jewelry for all - success for you

AMOR presentation

The strength of our AMOR brand is also reflected in the product presentations. Our unique shopfitting concept with individually adjustable furnishings and the high-quality AMOR brand world provide a genuine shopping experience.

square meters

Our range of smart rotating display cases form the centerpiece of the AMOR jewelry presentation at POS. Developed by us in 1981, they are true classics of modern, space-saving, and highly efficient product presentation. They hold up to 300 individual items on a space measuring just 2.75 square feet and guarantee maximum profitability even in the smallest of sales areas.

Joy with a touch of casualness

Jewelry takes a whole new approach

NOELANI was specially created for a new generation of female customers. For women who do not want to be forced into clichés and fixed roles. Who celebrate diversity and personality. In themselves and in others.

With our high-quality jewelry items made from 925 silver and stainless steel, we appeal first and foremost to a young, modern clientele aged between 18 and 35.

We are moving in a new, progressive direction both in our collections and in our communication. NOELANI is a brand that does not just talk to a target group but rather talks with it. As equals. And deliberately in those areas where this target group seeks inspiration, exchanges views, and enjoys life. Online and especially in social media.

NOELANI. Embracing a new individuality.

Successful in the hypermarket

The jewelry and watch answer for hypermarkets

Sara & Kate was specially designed for supermarkets and drugstores and comes with its own stand and
Tabletop displays.

With trendy jewelry and watches made from stainless steel or 925 sterling silver, we appeal to fashion-conscious but above all price-conscious customers aged 21 to 59. A target group that wants high-quality jewelry items at particularly attractive entry prices. That is open to impulse buys and advertising campaigns.

Sara & Kate makes a striking and stylish addition to the department store range, comes ready to sell with no additional cost or effort required, and offers extensive access to our unique distribution and logistics system.

With status and self-confidence

Clear commitment to success in specialist retail outlets

With our license brand JOOP! we show a clear commitment to specialist retail outlets as the main sales channel. Here we have been offering jewelry and watches in the premium price range since 2018.

Our JOOP! range is aimed explicitly at discerning customers aged 29 to 49, who flaunt their classicfashionable lifestyle and brand awareness.

The design, material and workmanship of the jewelry items and watches are all correspondingly high-quality. Sterling silver 925 and stainless steel 316L jewelry.

With JOOP! we celebrate status and self-confidence and increase desirability through appealing and sophisticated brand presentation in specialist retail outlets.

Lifestyle success for the middle classes

Established licensed brand with great popularity

For 14 years we have been working successfully together with s.Oliver jewelry. With our lifestyle license brand, we appeal to a fashion-conscious, down-to-earth target group. Women and men aged between 20 and 45 as well as girls and boys aged between 8 and 14.

s.Oliver jewelry owes its success to its contemporary design, outstanding quality and wide product diversity. These items of jewelry, made of 925 sterling silver and high-quality stainless steel, are also attractively priced.

As of spring 2022 we are official license partners for s.Oliver Watches. This allows us to better coordinate our collections and achieve an even broader and more effective customer appeal.

Moreover, we offer the s.Oliver rotating display case exclusively for specialist jewelers. This makes us the only company in our industry to combine all the benefits of a system business with a genuine brand.

Great success with young customers

Additional potential through new segments

With our Princess Lillifee license brand, we are pioneers in targeting new customer groups. For more than 10 years we have been creating jewelry and watches specially aimed at the wishes and needs of children.

Child-friendly and featuring appealing designs, our Princess Lillifee children‘s jewelry is exclusively made from high-quality raw materials such as silver and stainless steel. With rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver, we protect the items of jewelry from becoming tarnished, while robust, high-quality aluminum and mineral glass keep the watches free from scratches and other marks of use. All so that our youngest customers can enjoy their jewelry for many years.

With quality and diversity in mind, Princess Lillifee offers a wide range of items of jewelry, watches and sets that create desirability and open up new target groups.

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