We guarantee success through our system

Example of successful work in the white label sector: L’Atelier Silber for Manor & AIDA

White Label

We lay the foundation for your success

… and save you time and resources in the launch of your own brands

All from a single source

Do you want to enter the market with your own jewelry or watch brand but lack the resources, the time, or the know-how to take the necessary steps and turn your dreams into reality?

We use our comprehensive expertise to help you achieve success in the jewelry and watch market. Take advantage of our White Label offers from our in-house product teams, our national and international network of suppliers and service providers, our logistics power, and our in-house marketing experts.

From purchasing the materials to the final design of your brand image and the development of an effective marketing strategy, the Amor Group offers you everything from a single source.

AMOR System

We guarantee success through our system

… and show you how complete solutions from a single source lead to success

All-round service system

The Amor Group offers you a unique, all-round service system, which ensures genuine sales opportunities and thus genuine success in the jewelry and watch market.

Our full solution system covers all relevant steps and therefore ensures the best results. Perfectly coordinated. From a single experienced source.

Ranging from jewelry and watch development to global logistics and distribution, and from presentation and a perfectly showcased brand world at POS and online to communication skills in a wide variety of different channels. Unique features include our picking model and the automatic replenishment of product items.

Start of the shared success story

The signing of the cooperation agreement marks the start of your use of the Amor system at POS.

Implementation of the brand world

Realization of the Amor shopfitting concept in line with your local space allocation.

Immediate inventory

Electronic recording of sold items.

Automatic resupply

The data are transmitted to Amor and trigger the resupply process.

Minimal stock risk

Delivery of new or exchange items within 48 hours.

Creation of new buying impulses

Regular portfolio enhancement with new products and themed collections.

Optimization of product portfolio

Automatic evaluation of sales and replacement of slow movers with bestselling products.

Maximum profit with minimum effort

With the Amor Group you benefit from a unique, all-round full-service solution.

A system in which every step is aimed at achieving the maximum profit for the minimum effort.

225 members of staff and the latest, targetoriented IT solutions in our own logistics centers ensure precise, fast, and smooth processes.


We create space for experiences

… and provide brands with the perfect stage

Shopping experiences

The success of the Amor Group and our brands is based on the perfect presentation of each brand world.

Worlds that invite customers to enter, explore, dream, and finally buy their own personal favorite items of jewelry and watches.

Our detailed and well-designed shopfitting concept offers shopping experiences tailored to the individual brands, bringing visible success. Guaranteed success for you too. Guaranteed for you too.

The AMOR rotating display case

A genuine classic

Pilot Store

Measuring success under real conditions

All benefits at a glance


We fashion inspirational jewelry and watches

… and identify and implement trends for maximum profit

With our finger on the pulse

Jewelry and watches are our life.

As a global player, we have our finger on the pulse and pick up on all the latest l trends and styles. And we are able to translate these inspirations into jewelry and watches in a way that appeals to our target groups. This is all achieved by our in-house product team, which encompasses more than 20 jewelry and watch designers, goldsmiths, and product managers.

In addition, we have more than 100 producers in Germany, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, and China, many of whom have been working with us for years. The same applies to our supplier network, which has mostly been in place since the company was founded in 1978.

Long-term partnerships that we can always rely on. And all with a shared goal: to fashion inspirational jewelry and watches for our customers around the world.

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We open doors

… and expand your network in the global jewelry and watch market

Sales power in a class of its own

As a global player in the field of high-quality jewelry and watches in the entry and mid-range price segment, we have unique distribution power.

We sell several million pieces of jewelry and watches every year through our excellent sales channels. We are represented at 3,000 POS in 24 countries on four continents.

Our distribution partners include some of the world‘s leading retailers, well-known department stores, shopping malls and exclusive specialist jewelry retail stores. They all benefit from the fact that we have more than 45 years’ experience in the global jewelry and watch market. A competence that we naturally translate into digital channels too.

Online strategy

We pave new ways

… and develop strong potential for you in digital marketplaces

The digital marketplace

Digital channels represent immense potential for the jewelry and watch market. In the targeted customer appeal, in storytelling, in product presentation. Potential for sales – and thus for your success.

The focus is all on the customer, for whom social media and content creators on Instagram, YouTube or other channels increasingly serve as sources of inspiration.

We are part of that. With our finger on the pulse. And with the distribution potential of digital marketplaces and channels. With webshops – such as for our brand Amor – and with special content strategies aimed at the generation that has grown up with the internet and social media. All to pave the way for your success.


We move whole worlds

… and keep the global flow of goods moving

Logistics competence

From our in-house logistics centers, we plan, manage, and monitor the delivery, storage, distribution, and dispatch of our products to 3,000 POS in 24 countries on 4 continents.

We use pioneering logistics skills and highly efficient supply chains for global management solutions – tailored to the various needs of our partners.

With services that go well beyond conventional industry standards. And at unrivalled speed. See for yourself.

Key data

of our logistics center

Our services

at a glance


for your success

In addition to our service portfolio, we offer you a whole range of product and process-oriented services with added value as well as additional business solutions. These include:



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